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Academic status

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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Per Graduate College guidelines, graduate students must maintain a minimum 3.00 grade point average across all three GPA’s to maintain satisfactory academic progress and to graduate. Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.00 are placed on academic probation, receive an advising hold on their account, and are required to complete an academic performance improvement plan. If students are unable to raise the cumulative GPA to a 3.00 within nine credit hours or one year (whichever comes first), the program standards committee may recommend the student for dismissal from the program.


Students who are unable to raise their cumulative GPA to a 3.00 or higher within nine credit hours or one year (whichever comes first), will be recommended for academic dismissal to the Academic Standards and Grievance committee. Students will be notified by the college when they are being recommended for dismissal and the steps they can take to appeal this decision.