Get to know the Interactive Plan of Study

The Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS) functions as an agreement between you, your academic unit, and the Graduate College. It will support you as you navigate your degree requirements. Learn more.

To facilitate program completion and shorten time to complete the program, graduate students are encouraged to complete their iPOS in their first semester. Students who have not completed their iPOS by the time they have enrolled for 50 percent of the minimum credit hours required for their degree program will receive a registration hold.

Please check with your graduate advisor for program specific requirements and deadlines regarding the iPOS.

How to create an iPOS

To access the iPOS: Login to My ASU. From the My Programs box, under the Programs tab, select iPOS. Select Graduate Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS). Note: Pop up blockers may need to be turned off.

You will find instructions for submitting the iPOS in the downloadable how-to guide. You will need the following information to help you complete your iPOS (Please refer to your graduate student handbook or check with your graduate advisor as needed):

  • Degree requirements and culminating experience. Students can check degree requirements by program.
  • Previous degree (for doctoral programs), if approved.
  • Transfer coursework, if approved.
  • Faculty advisor or committee. For doctoral programs, see the graduate faculty list.
  • Anticipated graduation term.

When you have completed your iPOS, the system will check your requirements and prompt you to make any necessary corrections. When you submit the iPOS, it is sent electronically to your academic program for review and approval. Please check with your graduate support coordinator for specific instructions for obtaining iPOS approval or to troubleshoot errors when attempting to submit your iPOS.

After your graduate support coordinator approves the iPOS electronically, it will be routed electronically to the Graduate College for final approval. Once the iPOS is finally approved by all parties, your iPOS will show as Approved in My ASU under the Programs tab and Graduate Interactive Plan of Study (iPOS).

Update your iPOS

Once approved, the iPOS can be updated to accommodate any needed changes, including committee changes, course changes, expected graduation date, etc.

Students are expected to check their iPOS every semester and submit any required changes as needed. To update your iPOS, you just need to re-enter the iPOS and make any changes required. Please check with your graduate support coordinator if you need assistance with making changes to the iPOS.


If you have an extenuating circumstance that warrants an exception to policy, your petition can be submitted through your iPOS. All petitions are first reviewed by your academic unit and then will be reviewed by the Graduate College. The Graduate College has final say on the approval of your petitions.

If you are completing your iPOS and a petition is automatically prompted, you are attempting to add or alter your iPOS that breaks a policy set in place. Please contact your graduate support coordinator with any questions.

Additional forms and information are available from the Graduate College.

GPA requirements

All graduate students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to remain in Satisfactory Academic Progress. The minimum 3.00 GPA must be maintained on all GPA’s, including the iPOS GPA, overall graduate GPA and cumulative GPA.

  1. The iPOS GPA is calculated on all courses that appear on the student’s approved iPOS.
  2. Cumulative GPA represents all courses completed at ASU during the graduate career.
  3. The overall graduate GPA is based on all courses numbered 500 or higher that appear on the transcript after admission to a graduate program or graduate non-degree course. This includes shared coursework if in an approved accelerated bachelor’s and master’s program.

If a student fails to satisfy the requirements of their program or the benchmarks outlined in the Graduate College Policy and Procedures Manual, the student may be dismissed from their program based on the academic unit’s recommendation to the Graduate College. Please refer to the Graduate College Policy and Procedures manual for all GPA requirements.

Scheduling a defense

Once a student reaches candidacy they can schedule their defense. Students schedule the defense through their iPOS. The defense must be scheduled at least 10 working days prior to the planned defense of a thesis, dissertation or equivalent. Students work with their supervisory committee and the academic unit’s graduate support staff to identify a suitable date and reserve a room. When a defense date and location have been identified and the defense has been scheduled through the iPOS, students submit a complete draft copy of the thesis or dissertation to be defended by uploading the document to their iPOS. Please refer to the Graduate College Policies and Procedures manual for more.