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Transfer credits

Pre-admission credits

Credit hours completed at ASU or at another regionally accredited U.S. institution or international institution officially recognized by that country, before the semester and year of admission to an ASU graduate degree program, are considered pre-admission credits. With the approval of the academic unit and the Graduate College, students may include a maximum of 12 graduate-level credit hours with grades of “B” or better that were not used towards a previous degree. Pre-admission credits must have been taken within three years of admission to the ASU degree or certificate program to be accepted.

Accelerated bachelor’s and master’s programs may use a maximum of 12 pre-admission credits which may include up to a maximum of 12 hours shared between the bachelor’s and master’s programs. Students in accelerated programs should contact their undergraduate advisor and graduate support coordinator to ensure proper sharing of credit hours.

Official transcripts must be sent to Graduate Admission Services from the records office of the institution where the credits were earned.

Certain types of graduate credits cannot be transferred to ASU, including credits awarded:

  • By post-secondary institutions that lack candidate status or accreditation by a regional accrediting association, or an equivalent international institution.
  • For life experience.
  • For courses taken at non-collegiate institutions (e.g. government agencies, corporations and industrial firms).
  • For courses, workshops and seminars offered by other postsecondary institutions as part of continuing education programs.
  • For extension courses.

To have your pre-admission credits applied to your degree program you will need to add them to your interactive program of study (iPOS). Learn more about completing your iPOS.

Each program may have additional eligibility requirements. Please reference your specific program’s handbook for more information.

Graduate College manuals

Additional manuals with policies and procedures for graduate students are available from the Graduate College.

Academic credits earned at institutions other than ASU that base their credit calculation on a different scale from ASU’s are subject to conversion before inclusion on the Interactive Plan of Study. In all cases, the inclusion of transfer courses on the Interactive Plan of Study is subject to approval by the academic unit and the Dean of the Graduate College.